How it can help you to achieve your ideal weight?

In recent times, has been an increase in concern by health and particularly diseases related to food such as obesity and food intolerance. Many researchers, medical and scientific, have concentrated their efforts in the study of Nutrigenetics.

It has become an area interesting for study, since has been proven, that people have a greater or lesser genetic predisposition to suffer from certain diseases, and in their feeding habits can avoid arriving to develop.

Perhaps surprise you what are you going to tell here, and you can, who, like many people, you’ve pawned for a long time to lose weight with any diet recommended by or which famous, without taking into account that your body is unique and your tolerance and metabolisation of food and nutrients, and that, therefore It is more than likely that your body reacts differently to the same diet. This is due in part to that your body weight is largely determined by your genetics, so if you want to tackle the root problem and achieve your ideal weight, don’t forget your genes because… at a percentage of up to 75% are responsible for the changes in your weight!

But, how can you find this predisposition of which you speak? It is as simple as performing food intolerance ADVANCED GENETICS test and let yourself be advised by professionals after receiving the results.

It’s a test that will take you no more than 5-10 minutes, in which, through a mechanism, will proceed to the removal of a sample of the epithelial cells of the oral cavity (buccal smear). Once this simple extraction, the test is sent directly to certified laboratories as centres of analytical diagnosis with genetics unit i.e., the sample will be analyzed by high tech systems in analysis centres specialized in the study of genes, so there will be no doubt once the results reach clinics Zurich We’ll have objective and accurate information for our team of nutritionists and endocrine experts in nutrition, hormonal changes and metabolism, provide you the necessary guidelines to adopt new eating habits in a personalized way, that will help you achieve your ideal weight, eliminating foods that present intolerance and helping you to achieve a healthy diet complete. click here for more info

What information will you receive after submit you to food intolerance test ADVANCED GENETICS?

The test results shall state the response of your body a: common intolerances (lactose and gluten), predisposition to develop diseases such as overweight u obesity, metabolism and assimilation of fats, carbohydrates, alcohol and caffeine, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals deficiencies or your body’s response to the sport.

As always we remind you, to bring solution to any health problem, is critical after conducting a good diagnosis that allows to find an effective treatment for each case, and today specifically, we want to focus on the diagnosis of food intolerance, which as they tend to produce symptoms of moderate severity, that do not seem alarming at first It does not in many people who fail to come to the doctor to treat the symptoms, not be able to solve the problem.

The symptoms of food intolerance, include: pain in stomach, gas, digestion, diarrhoea, vomiting, swelling, problems in the skin, swelling of joints, migraine headaches or nervousness, you are family? do you usually suffer any of them with a certain frequency? do you think that you could suffer from food intolerance to lactose or gluten? Learn about genetic predisposition to suffer from intolerance to certain nutrients, it will allow you to eliminate or reduce the consumption of those foods that your body cannot tolerate properly, in order to eliminate symptoms permanently, and promote the use of those that are beneficial to your body.

As you’ve seen, the genes influence the assimilation of nutrients much more than what is usually thought at first was taken when the determination to diet without consulting with professionals.

And it is that when it comes to your health, do not play it yourself, since, although there are diets that do lose or gain weight quickly, are not always healthy and without the necessary control could have disastrous consequences for your health… forget the miracle diets! Lose weight at the expense of your vitality, energy and health, is not the solution.

In Zurich clinics can help you to get the maximum information from genetics that you’ll get if you submit to food intolerance test ADVANCED GENETICS, combined with a full body composition study, allowing our professionals know how your metabolism, to create a natrucional to measure plan, whereby you your goals to lose or gain weight to achieve your ideal weight in a fast way and without neglecting your health , ask us without any commitment…Plan Protein Advanced DNA!.